Advertiser & Star Bulletin Clippings Morgue

Hamilton Library hosts more than 300,000 fiches of biographical and subject information from clippings from the local newspapers. The clippings cover, approximately: 1920s through the mid-1980s. Search for the names you are interested in here. No electronic images are available at this time. Come to the library to view the contents. The microfiche is arranged by surname.
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If you are not on Oʻahu and are not able to visit our library, these are some options for getting to this content. If you are in Hawaiʻi, check with your local public library. They can help you look through newspaper indexes to find articles about your person or subject. If you are not in Hawaiʻi, you may contact our library to obtain copies of the articles on the fiche. Prices for these copies are listed here.

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